Playing MP3 in LINUX

Playing MP3 in Fedora 18
Linux by default does not ship with mp3 support for copyright issues. But there are many ways to play mp3 on Linux. I will try my best to describe some of the ways that you can use to play mp3 files on your Linux installation.

Required Step

This step is required if you want to follow on with this tutorial. Here we will add RPM FUSION repo to our Linux.
  • Run Terminal
  • And execute

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck

This will add both the free and the nonfree RPM FUSION repository. Just copy and paste this to the terminal window. Press “Shift+CTRL+V” to paste on the Terminal


Rythmbox is likely to be installed by default. If not installed then you can install it very easily.
yum install rhythmbox

The default installation of rhythmbox wont allow you to play mp3. To play mp3 you need to add the necessary codecs
yum install gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly

Official Website:


Amarok is the default audio player for KDE. It can also be installed on Gnome.

yum install amarok phonon-backend-gstreamer
Official Website:


Audacious is a winamp like audio player.
yum install audacious audacious-plugins
Official Website:


XMMS is another winamp like audio player. And its one of my favourite. Its better than audacious in my view.
yum install xmms xmms-mp3
Official Website:

VLC player

VLC player is the best video and audio player for linux. It is capable of playing almost every video and audio format.
yum install vlc

Installation of Backtrack 53 on Vmware


1 : Create A new virtual machine
Installing backtrack 5 R3 in virtual machine step by step  [ how to ]
2 : choose installer ISO ( choose backtrack 5 ISO ) Installing backtrack 5 R3 in virtual machine step by step  [ how to ]

3 : choose Linux as your guest operating system type and Ubuntu as version

Installing backtrack 5 R3

4 : give a name and location of your backtrack VM 

Installing backtrack 5 R3

5 : Specify virtual hard drive space ( 20 GB is good enough )

Installing backtrack 5 R3

then click finish from ready to create vm window 
Installing backtrack 5 R3

hit enter to go boot screen then choose default boot text mode and hit enter

Installing backtrack 5 R3

Installing backtrack 5 R3

type startx to start GUI ( x server ) 
click on Install backtrack icon
Installing backtrack 5 R3

and continue like normal installation choose keyboard type and provide location info 
if you are installing just backtrack then go normally and erase and use entire disk 
or if you installing backtrack with other OS then specify partition accordingly ( in this tutorial m using virtual hard-drive ) 

Installing backtrack 5 R3

click on forward and click on install 
Installing backtrack 5 R3

wait until it finish installing 

it will take up-to 30 minutes depend on your system

Installing backtrack 5 R3

Now install VMware driver


in terminal type root:tar -xzvfp /media/VMwareTools-X.x .tar.gz

root:cd /VMwareTools-X.x
root:./VMware(than type tabe buttan )

now press enter


How to create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick on Windows

        To run Ubuntu from a USB stick, the first thing you need to do is insert a USB stick    with   at least 2GB of free space into your PC. click on that button

     Select Ubuntu Desktop Edition from the dropdown list.
  1. Click 'Browse' and open the downloaded ISO file.
  2. Choose the USB drive and click 'Create'.

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