kill Multiple Tasks

With the introduction of Tab Based browsing on my favorite web browser Internet Explorer, I seem to forget to close all the unnecessary pages that I have opened, hence at times it crashes/freezes. This is the status of most of the browsers that are their in the market today. I faced a similar situation today and found that I have quite a lot of tabs opened and out of which some are causing the entire IE to hang. I opened my task manager and to see I can only end one task at a time and the “end process tree” does not kill all the process at once.
I order to close multiple tasks at once,
  • Open CMD
  • Type tasklist to display all running process on your computer
  • To kill a specific process group
  • Type taskkill /F /IM iexplore.exe (Explanation: taskkill /F {force} /IM {Image Name} {process name})
for more information on how to use taskkill, open cmd and type taskkill /?


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