Track any phone number in India

Track any phone number in India (must see)

Method 1

Tired of calls from anonymous numbers ? Here's a quick way by which you can track the caller's location and service provider in minutes ! (for Indian users only)
This information which i'm going to give will be very helpful to girls because in India they are the ones who get calls from anonymous numbers the most !
Here's the download link of a file which you need to download -

Download it & you will see the series of mobile number (like 98 series,97 series,86 series).
Just browse through them and get to the number you want to see and note abbreviations next to the number,
Scroll down to see the key to abbreviations which would tell you about the 'telecome region' of the number and 'service' provider.

I'll illustrate an example here.- Number for which you need the information- 9828xxxxxx

1.You go to 98 series..scroll down to 9828.
2.You see ''VF'' and "RJ'' written infront of the number.
3.Scroll down the document to see the key.
4. VF in network operator list tells that service provider is ''vodafone''
5. RJ in ''region'' list tells that it's Rajasthan Telecome Circle.

Method 2

Here's another way by which you can trace the number, but this one is less efficient.
Go to these links -- & type the number and see if you get any information !


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