Windows 8 Picture Password

 Password to log in to your computer has come in different forms, initially we had and still have text passwords, where one uses the keyboard to type, then the finger print scanners (bio metric) were introduced, then there is face recognition (I am not sure how far this was successful), and now with Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new way to enter your passwords and its called Picture Passwords . This is one of the newest and coolest features I have used so far. Its not that difficult to configure either (that’s the best part)

The idea behind this feature is that, you will have to select a picture and up to 3 different gesture combinations that you use to interact with it. These interactions can be either in a circular form or just lines, for an example, in a picture you can start connecting all your family members faces with a line and that can be a password or may be circle the face of your best friend.

How to do?

Click on the Control Panel App
Tap on Users
Create Picture Password
Enter your password
Once the account is authenticated it will give you an overview on the Picture password feature and will allow you to choose the picture
Select the Picture and position it and click use this picture
Create you gestures and confirm the gestures (Circles, lines and taps)

Once you receive the success message then you are done

Below video would give more detailed info


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