Increase your download Speed Of Torrent

There are some Setting in torrent Client that you need to change to Increase your download Speed. Some of the setting(with value) are listed below.

Torrent Download and upload Speed:-

Go to Options > Preferences in your utorrent Client.
Click Bandwidth option as shown below.

Here put zero for both max. upload rate and max. download rate.

Go to connection option from the same window as shown above.

Press random Port option as shown above to change your port.
Note:-The concept behind changing port is that sometimes your isp may block your torrent ports(active torrents port) so it is good to change your port at regular interval.
Increase TCP Connection:-

Increase Tracker(Most Effective):-

First, download Tracker list from here.
Now Go to property of the torrent having slow download speed(right click the torrent in utorrent).

Now in the box highlighted above past content of file just downloaded.
Make sure "Enable DHT" and "Peer Exchange" and "Local peer Discovery" are checked.
Press OK.


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