How to Hack or Unlock Micro SD Card Password
Micro Secure Digital memory cards or micro SD card for storing a variety of different types of devices, including mobile phones, PDAs and cameras. Usually for security reasons, we protect our Micro SD Memory Cards with password. I found so many people asking for how to unlock Micro SD Card Password in the Internet, just because the password can be forgotten or lost. unlocking your Micro SD Card password is easy with the computer and SD card reader on your computer.
If you don’t know the procedure to unlock  lost password of Micro SD memory card, then here is a simple tutorial guide for you to recover lost password of MicroSD memory card:
  1. Insert the Micro SD card into your card reader on your computer. Right-click your Start button and then clickExplore. Find the Micro SD card, it will be listed as a removable disk.
  2. Click on the microSD card and files appear on the right. Locate the file MMCSTORE and then choose Copy.
  3. Click directly on your desktop, then click Paste. This will move the MMCSTORE file on the desktop, so you have edit access.
  4. Right-Click on the MMCSTORE then click Open With. Open the file with Notepad.
  5. Read the text for the password. It will be in plain text.
  6. Remove the SD card from the computer and insert it into the device, which it used as a warehouse. Turn on the camera. When he asks for a password, enter it.


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