Add One Click Proxy On Google Chrome With Hide My Ass! Web Proxy

Add One Click Proxy On Google Chrome With Hide My Ass! Web Proxy

We use various proxy websites to hide or change our IP address. There are many popular web proxies available. 

Why use a web proxy?
1. Surf websites anonymously.
2. Hide and change your IP address (your 'online fingerprint').
3. Conceal your web browsing history.
4. SSL encryption for all websites.
5. Bypass web filters and geographic Internet blocks.

With Hide My Ass! Web Proxy Google Chrome extension, we can add one click proxy service to Google Chrome. This extension allows us to use proxy direct from the browser. 
After installation, it adds a button in tool bar and opens a settings page. From the settings page, you select proxy site and server location. There are few more settings.
To use the proxy, click on the toolbar button. On click, it will open a pop up box asking for the URL which you want to access with the proxy. Enter the website URL and click on Proxy. Website will open with the help of the proxy website which you have selected in the settings page.

This service does not show any kind of irritating ads or pop ups which makes this service better than other this services. There are many servers in multiple countries and IP address to use. 
This service works on all websites. So it is really a nice solution to web filters and geographic Internet blocks.
This service works good. I check it with and saw the difference. was unable to detect the proxy and was showing my IP different than i was using.
If you use proxy regularly, this extension is worth to install. 

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